Below is the Changelog for URL Profiler, from v1.27 up until v1.90 which was released on 17th April 2019.

Each version heading below links out to the update blog post, if present.

Version 1.90

Released: 17th April 2019 (not announced)

Fixed: Issue with SEMrush API data not being returned correctly.

Version 1.89

Released: 11th April 2019 (not announced)

Improved: Adjusted API call for Mozscape to reflect recent API changes, and better handle errors sent back by the Moz API.
Improved: Adjusted Google Indexation checks to remove info: operator check, which is no longer supported by Google.

Version 1.87

Released: 25th January 2019 (not announced)

Improved: API error handling for Ahrefs.
Improved: HTTP status checker, when encountering an error.

Version 1.85

Released: 27th November 2018

Improved: Updated PageSpeed API to bring in Lighthouse and CrUX data.

Version 1.83

Released: 28th June 2018 (not announced)

Fixed: TLS issue, which was causing HTTP 400 responses on certain HTTPS URLs.

Version 1.82

Released: 20th June 2018 (not announced)

Fixed: My-Addr API connection had broken, after they had removed one of their endpoints.

Version 1.81

Released: 24th May 2018 (not announced)

Added: Link to privacy policy and mandatory consent on sign up screen.
Fixed: Some users on very old Moz accounts were experiencing errors when collecting Moz metrics (following to change by Moz to Link Explorer API).

Version 1.78

Released: 20th November 2017

Added: Render timeout for screen capture.
Added: More SEMrush regional support (135 regions now supported).
Improved: Ahrefs metrics granularity (HTTP/HTTPS/HTTP+HTTPS)
Improved: URL Profiler will now better handle situations where there are no ‘Keyword Opportunities’ suggestions for your Search Analytics results.
Fixed: Mac TLS issue that caused a 400 HTTP response for some websites.
Fixed: Alexa API was giving back empty results – updated API call.
Fixed: URL Profiler was not correctly parsing TLDs for some South African TLDs.
Removed: Google+ share count has been removed as an option, since Google stopped supporting the feature.

Version 1.77

Released: 25th November 2016 (not announced)

Fixed: Issue with Mobile-friendly checker, which had stopped working due to a Google API change.
Improved: Google Analytics integration, which will now work even if you have “Default URL” set up.
Improved: Scraping on pages with errors – previously would not scrape data from pages with multiple Charset declarations.
Improved: Duplicate Content Checker, which now has a filter=1 checkbox, to remove similar results from the Google search.
Improved: Reliability of HTTP Status and Screen Capture checks, now use GET method instead of HEAD.
Fixed: Bug with the Google Indexation checker, which was caused by Google changing the HTML in the SERPs.
Fixed: Screen Capture images saving to Dropbox folder (which had stopped working on a previous version).
Fixed: Pinterest social share counts, which were giving 0s for every URL.
Fixed: Bug with Bing Outbound Links, which had been giving inconsistent results.
Fixed: XPath issue – previously Inner Text and Inner HTML were the wrong way round.
Fixed: Issue with Moz API ‘Test’, which was giving a success message against inaccurate credentials.

Version 1.76

Released: 5th October 2016

Fixed: Issue where users tried to profile more than 500 URLs (and the software wouldn’t let them! Oops…)

Version 1.75

Released: 3rd October 2016

Changed: User permissions for legacy Pro and Server subscribers, in line with pricing/plan updates.
Added: Proxy failure messaging for Google Indexation checks.
Improved: Duplicate content checker – now ignores “smart” characters when scraping snippets from page.
Added: macOS Sierra support.

Version 1.74

Released: 1st September 2016

Removed: Facebook share data from social share counts.
Improved: Moz API integration.
Added: Moz Spam Score (Paid API users only).
Improved: Google Analytics integration, by upgrading to the latest Google Analytics API, and improved error handling.
Fixed: A few small bugs in Google Analytics, in the calculation of Entrance Rate, Exit Rate and Page Views per Session.
Fixed: Documentation link to uClassify API, which was returning a 404.
Fixed: Removed outdated documentation links (Mac version only).

Version 1.72 & 1.73

Released: 11th August 2016 (not announced)

Fixed: Readability issue where Word Count was not including words within list items.
Fixed: Redirected URLs going into the wrong column, when performing HTTP Status Check.

Version 1.70 & 1.71

Released: 13th July 2016 (not announced)

Fixed: Encoding issue when importing IDN domains.
Added: Column ‘DNS Safe URL’ for clarity when IDN domains are used.
Removed: SEMrush ‘Test API’ button on Mac, which was throwing errors.
Added: API support for v4 Google Safe Browsing API keys.

Version 1.69

Released: 1st July 2016 (not announced)

Fixed: Google Analytics issue, where, on some accounts, the ‘Page Value’ was returning a float rather than a decimal.

Versions 1.66, 1.67 & 1.68

Released: 20th June 2016

Improved: Robots checking
Fixed: My-Addr APIs
Fixed: Selector issue in Duplicate Content Checker
Removed: PageRank buttons (it’s dead!)
Fixed: Custom Scraper issue with XPath selectors

Versions 1.63, 1.64 & 1.65

Released: 18th May 2016

Changed: Messaging for proxy supplier.
Removed: Proxy settings tickbox for Drop History.
Fixed: Moz API issues for Paid subscribers.
Fixed: Issue where trailing slash was added to Original URL.
Improved: Stability of .NET platform.

Versions 1.61 & 1.62

Released: 26th January 2016 (not announced)

Improved: Thread management, to stop CPU spikes on Server version.

Version 1.60

Released: 2nd December 2015

Improved: Social account scraping.
Improved: Keyword extraction.
Fixed: Majestic data error.
Removed: Twitter share counts
Removed: ‘Error’ column from Search Analytics data.

Version 1.58

Released: 2nd November 2015

Added: Search Volume Data to keyword data from Search Analytics API.
Removed: Legacy Majestic ‘free’ API checks.
Added: 500 free daily checks of Moz & Majestic for all users.
Improved: Mobile-friendly check, to now include ‘Avoid App Interstitials.’
Fixed: Occasional column mis-match when doing Readability checks.
Fixed: Issue with Cyrillic URLs were not matching up to Google Analytics data.
Fixed: Issue (Mac only) where Custom User Agent was not properly configurable.
Fixed: Issue (Mac only) where previously ticked options were still getting checked even after being un-ticked.

Version 1.57

Released: 9th October 2015 (not announced)

Fixed: Issue with data match on Search Analytics integration (only apparent to very few users)

Version 1.55 & 1.56

Released: 10th August 2015

Added: Search Analytics API integration
Added: HTTP status on Screen Capture results export.
Added: Import CSV now supports semi-colon and tab separated files.
Improved: Messaging in export for link metric checks when malformed URLs are entered.
Improved: Messaging in export for Google Indexation check – when proxies fail on the first check, don’t do the Info: check.
Fixed: Cache date on Google Indexation checks – which had stopped working since Google had changed something.
Fixed: Minor issue on Duplicate Content Check export.
Removed: Drop history

Version 1.54

Released: 15th July 2015 (not announced)

Fixed: Facebook API call updated (was returning 0s after Facebook closed down the previous API)

Version 1.53

Released: 9th June 2015 (not announced)

Fixed: Screen Capture for Mac, which had been working inconsistently
Fixed: Phantom.js was not always closing in the background
Fixed: Bug with link audit where row data was not aligning correctly on some reports
Fixed: On link audit, trailing slash now stripped from domain to check (if added)
Fixed: Import CSV was not working if URL column was outside the first 3 columns
Fixed: Now correctly returns relevant HTTP Status when mobile user-agent option selected
Fixed: Now correctly returns redirected URLs when Readability option selected

Version 1.52

Released: 21st April 2015 (not announced)

Fixed small issue with Mobile-friendly checker.

Version 1.51

Released: 8th April 2015

Added: Mobile Friendly Checker
Added: Mobile PageSpeed
Added: Granular PageSpeed rules, and ‘Total Response Bytes’ (sum of all response bytes)
Added: Import Gzipped XML sitemaps, and append sitemaps to URL list
Improved: HTML entity encoding (particularly for non-English characters)
Improved: Messaging when trying to import a CSV file that is already open
Fixed: uClassify API Issue
Fixed: Small bug in the anchor text classification when doing link audits
Fixed: Readability to work without semantic HTML
Fixed: Screen Capture on sites with SSL certificates

Version 1.50

Released: 9th March 2015

Added: Duplicate Content Checker
Added: Import & Merge CSV
Improved: Google Indexation Checker
Improved: Screen Captures (faster)
Added: Total Share Counts
Added: Unicode language support on import/export
Added: Cross-domain Google Analytics support
Added: Scheme to URL data (e.g. http, https)
Added: Validation/Test buttons for API keys
Added: “Credits remaining” report for API keys
Fixed: Share count columns out of sync on some settings
Fixed: Occasional inaccuracies in share count data
Fixed: Majestic ‘insufficient index items’ message to be clearer
Fixed: HTTP Status not resolving redirected URLs
Fixed: HTML output issue on some Readability exports
Fixed: Links to documentation now point to Knowledge Base articles
Fixed: root domains not working correctly
Fixed: Issue where disavow information was being exported at URL Level even though there was no domain to check

Version 1.49

Released: 2nd March 2015 (not announced)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.48

Released: 7th November 2014

Fixed: Report columns being moved over by 1 column, causing a header mis-match
Fixed: Ahrefs Domain Rank intermittently returning 0
Fixed: Report encoding issues
Fixed: Licensing messaging
Fixed: PageSpeed results URL defaulting to mobile
Fixed: Licensing system intermittently failing
Fixed: Wayback machine missing dates for results
Fixed: Drop history scraper only returning 5 results

Version 1.47

Released: 13th October 2014

Added: Google Analytics status messages to export
Added: SEMrush integration at domain level
Improved: Google Analytics integration now 10,000 times faster
Improved: TLD and Root Domain extraction matching. 6809 TLDS including subdomains and GTLDs.
Updated: Google Analytics data to reflect the new naming conventions.
Updated: Google Analytics connection panel (OS X only)

Updated: Ahrefs API output

Version 1.46

Released: 25th September 2014 (not announced)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.45

Released: 22nd September 2014

Added: Free Majestic metrics at URL and domain level

Version 1.44

Released: 9th September 2014

Added: Automatic connection optimisation
Added: Screaming Frog SEO Spider import/combiner
Added: User Agent selector
Added: New setting option – ‘Maximum Download Size’
Improved: Now completely 64-bit
Improved: More accurate content hash
Improved: Layout and messaging for Google Analytics
Improved: Proxy messaging
Improved: Sped up the import and paste function (OS X only)
Fixed: Reduced the HTTP redirect capturing to fix redirect loops
Fixed: Fixed the intermittent import from file error (OS X only)
Fixed: Pinterest share count at domain level. Didn’t like trailing slashes!

Version 1.43

Released: 20th August 2014 (not announced)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.42

Released: 1st August 2014

Added: Pause and Resume (mid profile)
Added: Skip (mid profile)
Added: Image and video counts (in the Readability settings)
Improved: Screen Captures now offer responsive options

Version 1.41

Released: 23rd July 2014

Added: Custom scraper function
Added: Internal and external link counts to Readability
Added: Estimated Reading Time when checking URL Readability
Added: Scrape social account links at URL Level
Improved: Site Type checking

Version 1.40

Released: 2nd July 2014

Added: Screen Capture
Added: Bing Outbound Link data at domain level
Added: Google Safe Browsing API support for URL Level malware check
Added: Google Last Cached Date at URL Level
Improved: IP protection

Version 1.39

Released: 3rd June 2014

Added: Wayback machine at domain level (homepage)
Added: Drop history at domain level
Added: Proxy support
Improved: New settings menu
Improved: New options to select ‘basic’ link metrics only
Improved: Social shares and social accounts settings
Improved: UI layout
Improved: Exports, now in Open XML spreadsheets

Version 1.38

Released: 13th May 2014 (not announced)

Fixed: Mac version is crashing when importing files
Fixed: A couple of typos on both Windows and OS X

Version 1.37

Released: 12th May 2014 (not announced)

Fixed: Mac version is crashing when starting profile
Added: Topic and sentiment analysis using the uClassify API
Updated: Change the UI splitting off Content and URL Analysis. This is to make room for forthcoming features.

Version 1.36

Released: 10th May 2014 (not announced)

Added: Extra IP Address data points to IP Address checking
Fixed: Threads growing out of control under some conditions
Fixed: Twitter and Google social counts returning zero
Fixed: Trial registration system

Version 1.35

Released: 7th May 2014 (not announced)

Added: Disavowed Links
Added: Max URLs per domain setting in the connection settings.
Added: URL Retries. You can set how many times to retry a URL if it fails to download because it timed out or the server returned a 500 error.
Added: Timeout setting. You can adjust to connection timeout to be used when downloading URLs. By default it is set to 10 seconds.
Added: Majestic SEO’s Topic Trust Flow the URL reports.
Added: Root domain to default report.
Added: You can now select multiple files when importing.
Added: Youtube and Instagram account link scraping to the social harvester.
Added: Google Index check to Domain and URL analysis.
Added: Bug submission form.
Performance Update: Import from file and clipboard performance in Windows
Performance Update: Export file builder
Updated: Moved main menu on OS X to above settings.
Updated: After much debate, we’ve renamed the “Backlink Checker” section to “Link Analysis”
Updated: Various late night typos!

Version 1.34

Released: 24th April 2014 (not announced)

Added: Majestic SEO’s Topic Trust Flow to the Domain metrics. Pulls in the top three topics and trust flow.

Version 1.33

Released: 23rd Apirl 2014 (not announced)

Added: Unnatural link scoring to the link analysis
Added: Blacklist and Whitelist to the link analysis
Performance Update: We’ve rewritten the HTML parsing code to increase performance and decreased memory consumption. The difference is significant and noticeable.
Changed: Trial period from 7 days to 30 days

Version 1.32

Released: 11th April 2014

Updated: Rewritten the Site Type and CMS parser – faster and more accurate
Updated: Added http protocol to raw domains making them valid URLs to check against e.g. becomes

Version 1.31

Released: 9th April 2014

Added: Added visitor segments to the Google Analytics. You can now select one of the 14 standard segments to retrieve.

Version 1.30

Released: 8th April 2014

Changed: In preparation of some forthcoming functions, the Check Readability option has been changed to Analyse Content.
Added: Analyse Content now collects Author Name and URL if available
Added: To help identify URLs during audits we’ve added a new column called UID to the report. This is a unique number in sequence based on the URL’s ascending order.
Added: A new column called Path, which is the folder path/location of the URI file.
Moved: Moved the Hash column (used to find duplicate content) closer to the initial URL columns.
Fixed: Modified the HTTP Status checking to increase its performance.
Fixed: Robots Check hanging in certain situations.
Fixed: Robots Check not checking on page in certain situations.

Version 1.29

Released: 7th April 2014

Fixed: Copyscape API credential issue

Version 1.28

Released: 4th April 2014

Added: HTML to Text Ratio to the URL Readability
Added: Internal and External link counts to the backlink checker
Fixed: Readability not always returning results on the Windows version

Version 1.27

Released: 2nd Apil 2014 (not announced)

Added: Reports the failure count when importing URLs. from the clipboard, XML Sitemaps and files.
Added: Automatically checks for updates on startup.
Added: URL count to URL List

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