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URL Profiler doesn't just do one task; it can be configured to retrieve a large array of link, content and social data for almost ANY task. Thousands of URLs at once - with no limits or constraints - just the data you need, when you need it.

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The SEO community loves URL Profiler because...

I absolutely love URL Profiler! This simple yet powerful tool has saved me countless hours each month gathering data for a variety of SEO tasks. It should be a key part of every SEO's arsenal.

Tung Tran

Tung Tran

Cloud Living

URL Profiler has become a core part of most of my processes, largely because of its versatility and speed, and I end up naturally referencing them in my external blog posts every time!

Darren Kingman

Root Digital Founder & SEO Freelancer

URL Profiler makes it easy to merge data from a number of sources to find new opportunities, fix problems, audit sites, collect email addresses and build links!

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward's Blog

I honestly can't put a number on the amount of hours that URLProfiler has saved us. Whether it's link cleanup, content audit or competitor analysis this piece of kit helps cut down on the leg work so that we can focus on the clever stuff

Matt Beswick


URL Profiler is an absolute must have for anyone routinely doing site analysis for SEO and content marketing. It pays for itself in time savings almost instantly.

Charles Coxhead


We run every client through URL Profiler prior to pitch. It's blazingly fast - within minutes we can find opportunities that would have previously taken hours to tease out. The insight it provides helps us look really really clever.


James Finlayson

Verve Search

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Everything you need to do an audit

Configure URL Profiler to collect and record the data you need.

Backlink Checker

Quickly checks your backlinks and returns in depth anchor information.

Site Types

Scans the site to identify the type of site and software used.

Link Metrics

Downloads bulk link metrics from Mozscape, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs.

Email Harvesting

Scrapes, harvests and extracts website email addresses.

Readability Score

Calculates content quality statistics and 5 separate readability scores.

Social Accounts

Finds Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest account links.

Social Shares

Retrieves social engagement metrics for domains and URLs.


Quickly checks thousands of URLs, without any proxies.

Google Analytics

Connects directly to the Google Analytics API.

Whois Emails

Fetches unlimited whois email addresses without captchas.

IP Address

Fetches the domain's server IP address and country code.


Connects to Google's PageSpeed service to fetch scores & statistics.

HTTP Status

Checks HTTP Status for each URL and returns end result for redirects.


Retrieves duplicate content and plagiarisation issues.

Robots Access

Checks search engine access using Robots and Canonical information.


Retrieves traffic, rank and link data, without any proxies.

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