Who we are

URL Profiler isn't a big budget product with lots of staff, servers and contracts to support. The tool is cheap very reasonably priced because it is lean - it's just the two of us handling everything.

If you have an issue, you don't go into a support queue, you just get an email straight back - from the people that made the tool in the first place.

Gareth Brown

I've spent the last 2 years of my life developing URL Profiler, whilst also running my web development agency Evolution. I'm a self-taught programmer and like most of us, a self-taught SEO.

Back in early 2012, for reasons entirely (ahem) unknown, some of my sites started getting manual links penalties... and then later hit by Penguin. It was not a good year.

There were so many(!) that manually reviewing the link profiles wasn't an option. I ended up developing a tool to help me with the process - what is now URL Profiler.

I never intended to release it, but I gave it to a few of my agency friends who were handling a lot of penalty work. It became quickly apparent that it was actually a viable product that other SEOs found really useful. So, here we are today.

Hmm...so, if I'm the developer, what's Patrick? The idea's man - well that's what he likes to think anyway!

Oh and if you ever meet him at the bar, he'll probably tell you he convinced me to release the tool. But to be honest, I got fed up with him pestering me, so to stop the stalking I asked him to come on board and help.

Patrick Hathaway

I've been working in SEO for 4 years, both in-house and agency side, and since September 2014 - I've been doing URL Profiler full time.

I am largely responsible for the content on the site, the marketing of the product and the customer support.

Both Gareth and I are really passionate about making a product that people find incredibly useful, so I also spend a lot of time talking to our customers to find out how we can improve the product to fit their specific needs.

The first time I heard about URL Profiler was when Gareth used it to help me get a site out of a year-long manual penalty (no joke).

He was just going to keep it as a private tool, but I helped convince him that the SEO world would be a better place if he let others enjoy it too.

Gareth got fed up with me constantly emailing him with feature requests (when the tool was in beta) that he eventually asked me to come on board and help him with the project.

Most of my time since has been spent trying to STOP Gareth from adding new features every 5 minutes!

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