Content Audits

Get deep insight into your content and export it all into a single spreadsheet.

Check for PageSpeed and the mobile-friendly tag

Check if all your pages have the mobile-friendly tag, and PageSpeed scores for desktop and mobile.

Grab external link counts and page metrics for SEO

Identify your most (and least) valuable pages from an SEO perspective.

Check social share counts to find your most popular pages

Find out which of your pages attracted the most shares - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Analyse written content to improve user comprehension

Check word counts, reading time and readability scores to analyse page content.

Gain additional insight from content classification

Perform topical and sentiment analysis to find out what your content is about.

Avoid Panda penalties by finding duplicate or thin content

Unique detection of thin or duplicate content, both internal and external.

Everett Sizemore
"URL Profiler has completely replaced the system we paid thousands to have built internally for content audits. If only we'd have found it a few months sooner..."

Everett Sizemore - Director of R&D and Special Projects Inflow

Find out what Google thinks about all of your pages

Check Google index status and last cached date for any URL list (proxies supported).

Integrate Google Analytics to pull in real traffic data

Connect directly to any Google Analytics profile to check accurate traffic statistics for any URL.

Import Screaming Frog data to speed up report building

Append URL Profiler content & link metrics to Screaming Frog exports (without VLOOKUP!)

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